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Multi-room Hi-Fi CD System

Seriously great sound made very simple

The CS-N575D puts any music you can imagine at your fingertips, new JOG dial and information-rich LCD so easy to use you don’t need control apps to find music fast. Enjoy multi-room streaming from Chromecast built-in, FlareConnect™*, and DTS Play-Fi®* platforms; music from Spotify®, TIDAL, Deezer, and TuneIn; and play audio from portable HDDs via USB input. Dual-band Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® technology, and FM/DAB+ radio tuner are also included.

At the receiver’s heart is new switching amplification technology featuring Optimum Audio Control, which integrates amplifier and speaker characteristics to assure greater punch, drive, and sound-field projection. Relish the buoyant bass, expressive vocals, and gin-clear detail resolution that defines the Onkyo Sound. Whatever devices you use, whatever you’re into, play it with ease and feel the happiness only great-sounding music can bring. 


Other features

  • Sleek, Compact, and Uncluttered Styling 
  • Program Timer (Daily/Once)
  • Sleep Timer (Off/30/60/90 Minutes)
  • 3-Stage Display Dimmer (Bright/Dim/Dimmer)
  • Battery-Free Memory Backup
  • Speaker Cables and Speaker Cushions Included
  • Full-function Simple Remote Controller with Batteries
  • Isolator Feet to Reduce Vibration
Product Attributes
Manufacturer number:CS-N575D(BB)CMP
Product weight:8.118 kilograms

    Use Spotify (with Facebook login) with your Onkyo system

    To use Spotify with any of these devices you need to login with your Spotify username and password.

    If you registered to Spotify using your Facebook login, you will need to retrieve a Spotify device username/password - you cannot use your Facebook login details on your Onkyo receiver.

    You can retrieve your Spotify username / create your device password here

    Once you have your Spotify username and your new password, please login to Spotify on your audio system with your new details. Note that you need a Premium subscription to use any of these devices with Spotify.

    What if I have problems receiving of digital DAB radio?

    DAB radio is in the frequency range 174 - 230 MHz broadcast in the vertical polarization.

    For reception on this frequency range you need specifically for this frequency range (band III)-tuned antenna. Communal dishes, home antenna, cable or satellite dish are usually not suitable.

    In urban areas may be possible using the supplied wire antenna a good reception.

    Otherwise, a weak signal at an outside antenna or directional antenna for band III should (vertical pole) are installed on the roof.

    Problems after firmware update

    In case you encounter problems after a firmware update of your AV receiver, e.g.

    - AV receiver hangs/freezes
    - blue screen displayed instead of video signal
    - no/limited access to networking features (incl Onkyo Remote App)
    - other features that are no longer functional

    then please reset your A/V receiver to factory defaults and repeat the firmware update again.

    To reset the AV receiver to its factory defaults, turn it on and, while holding down VCR/DVR, press ON/STANDBY. “Clear” will appear on the display and the AV receiver will enter standby mode.

    Note that resetting the AV receiver will delete your radio presets and custom settings (incl network configuration).

    If the problem persists, please contact the Onkyo Customercare.