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Speakers That Add Dynamism to Your Music and Movies
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SKS-4800 Center/Surround Speaker Package

Onkyo crafted the 4800-series speakers as a failsafe way to bring energy and full-spectrum power to your home entertainment. The series includes a pair of stylish floor-standing front speakers and a compact center/surround package, sold separately. Twin 16 cm woofers provide the SKF-4800 front speakers with the heft to handle dynamic classical scores and towering rock anthems with equal aplomb. Even at high volume levels, your music will sound full and natural, with stunning detail across the audio spectrum. To create an atmospheric surround-sound effect—especially for movie and game soundtracks—the front speakers can be partnered with the SKS-4800 center/surround speakers. Precision-matched, for a truly immersive audio experience.

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